Toe Steering Foot Stretcher

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Foot Stretcher Sizing Chart

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Rowing Shoe Sizing Chart


Features of the KF-R601

The KF-R601 is equipped with the features of KF-R600 such as Virtual Pivot mechanism, binding system, stance width adjustment function and angle adjustment function for installation.

Rigid steering feel:
In combination with the KS-R600 sole, KF-R601 reduces the lack of precision in steering feel and inefficiency of steering force. 

Center positioning mechanism: 
A center positioning mechanism is fitted which enables the rower to determine the neutral position intuitively. At the time of stroke, KF-R601 steadily conveys the rower's tread force to the boat without any swaying from side to side.

The centering adjustment bolt enables the rower to change the “click” feeling to how he/she likes it, and it’s also possible to disable the center positioning function.


The effects and the mechanism of "Virtual Pivot" and "Rigid Sole". 

R&D Reports are available.


The SRD700 Foot Stretcher Binding System provides an easy binding/releasing and stable foot condition.


The SRD700 Foot Stretcher adjusts through a wide range to flexibly change configuration to match the rower and the boat.