Rowing Shoe KS-R610


Rowing Shoe Size Chart


Foot Stretcher Sizing Chart

SRD Fiit Stretcher Chart2.jpg

Newly-developed Plastic (resin) Sole
KS-R610 has the feature of weight reduction and rigidity.

Triple Strap
We have adopted a triple strap implemented by top model in order to obtain a higher fit.

Free from Stress
Ventilation Mesh (Upper Part) 
Ventilation Hole (the Sole Part)
We have aimed to reduce the stress for rowers.

Weight Reduction
KS-R610 is nearly 30% lighter than conventional products (KS-R600).

A Wide Variety of Sizes (EU36-52)
It is good news to those who had given up the purchase because of the size.
Many people can use KS-R610 Rowing Shoes!

How to Engage and Release the Shoes to and from the Stretcher


To engage the shoe, just align it with the binding and clip-in the cleat embedded in the sole. To release the shoe, just raise your heel to clip-out. No tools are required.


The effects and the mechanism of "Virtual Pivot" and "Rigid Sole".
R&D Reports are available.


The SRD600 Foot Stretcher Binding System provides an easy binding/releasing and stable foot condition.


The SRD600 Foot Stretcher adjusts through a wide range to flexibly change configuration to match the rower and the boat.