SRD is able to be installed in any boat. Our athletes have used Shimano rowing shoes in a variety of shells, as pictured here.


WinTech Carbon Cobra 1x

WinTech Carbon Cobra 1x.jpg

Mass Aero 1x

Mass Aero 1x.jpg

Hudson 1x

Hudson 1x.jpg

Resolute 8+

Resolute 8plus2.jpg

Swift Racing - Cadet 1x

Swift Racing.jpg

Empacher 1x

Empacher 1x.JPG

WinTech 1x

WinTech 1x.jpg

Filippi F13 2x

Filippi F13 2x.jpg

Vespoli 4+

Vespoli 4.jpg

Resolute 8+

Resolute 8plus.jpg